Old Town North Farmers’ Market



901 North Royal Street
Spring Hours: 3:00-7:00pm

Fresh fruits and veggies return to the market!

We are delighted to welcome our new produce vendor, Jaime Becerra of Becerra Farms to the Market. Please join us in welcoming him today, May 25th at the Old Town North Community Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market Alexandria’s favorite dog friendly, market.

Jaime will be bringing us fresh local fruits, veggies, flowers and plants from his farm in Virginia. Chef Michael of the The Prententious Gourmet continues to tempt with chocolate chip, chai spiced, cherry, chocolate and walnut, and red, white and blue, along with treats for our four legged friends. Sara of Dream of Goodies will be debuting dairy free organic strawberry shortcake along with her cupcakes, whoopie pies, muffins, cookies, and bites. The strawberry shortcake sounds perfect for the upcoming holiday weekend. All of Sara’s Goodies are low glycemic, gluten free and non-GMO. Shopping for something new and casual for your holiday parties? LuLaRoe returns to the market today. For the holiday picnic stop by Big D’s and pick up bread and butter pickles and barbecue sauce, while sampling his Irish Batch and Whole Grain Bread. And don’t forget to pick up a box of Bruna’s Brigadeiros, the luscious Brazilian Truffle makes a perfect addition to the picnic table or hostess gift.

We look forward to welcoming our sugar cane juice vendor to the market on June 1st.

More to celebrate, music at the Market on June 1st! Hill Country Blues to brighten the spirits… David Alan Lange joins us at the market. For more information, please visit his website: www.davidalanlange.com

The Old Town North Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market is sponsored by The Old Town North Community Partnership with support from the City of Alexandria, MRE Properties, River’s Edge Yoga, Yogis For Positive Change, Sport and Health and the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership.

See you at the market! Rain or Shine, Year Round!


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Note: Shamalis Hummus and Degrees of Cooking are on winter break, they will return to the market in the spring.

Dream of Goodies

Dream of Goodies is not your normal gluten free bakery. We make delicious yet healthy treats for all to enjoy that are low glycemic, by pairing healthy fats with organic low glycemic sweeteners. Our goodies never contain GMOs, soy, dairy, chemicals, dyes, or artificial anything. We strive to use only the best ingredients that are sustainably sourced, habitat friendly, and organic whenever possible. Our eggs and butter are locally sourced. The hens are feed organic non-GMO feed and are humanely raised. Our butter is organic and comes from pasture raised, grass-fed cows that aren't treated with rBST. We have a wide variety of treats that range from nut free to vegan. You won’t believe gluten free and healthy could taste this good. We are woman-owned, eco-conscience, and health oriented. Our packaging contains no plastic and is reusable/recyclable, and/or biodegradable.
* Dream of Goodies will join the market March 9th, 2017

LuLaRoe is a clothing company that seeks to create freedom, serve others and strengthen families through fashion. The production and development that goes into each style, print and design touches the hands of thousands of artists and craftsmen around the world. Local mother/daughter team Nan and Jaime will have a variety of Spring styles including leggings, tops, dresses, tunics, and kimonos available for purchase.
Website: www.lularoe.com


My Lovely Brigadeiro is a fledgling company trying to make its first step into the market. We handcraft a traditional Brazilian sweet made with condensed milk and chocolate. Delicious! The Brigadeiro has a luscious, velvety texture that blends with its' unique flavor to make it truly scrumptious. Our gourmet products are made with high end ingredients and real chocolate. We are proud to say we value quality and passion and are always being committed to deliver a good product.
Come check us out on facebook.com/mylovelybrigadeiro and instagram.com/mylovelybrigadeiro or contact us at mylovelybrigadeiro@gmail.com
Make your day sweeter!!!


Shamali Hummus is homemade and fresh from my mom's recipe. We offer four flavors which are original, plain, garlic, and spicy chili. You can eat it with anything, veggies, pita chips, side of your platter, or as a spread in your sandwich. The recipe has over 30 years experience behind it which is why it makes it so different in taste and texture.

DoC Logo

The Degrees of Cooking team are all passionate about serving our families healthy meals, and developing a love of healthy food in our community. We met teaching cooking classes in Alexandria, Virginia and discovered a need in our community to create delicious approachable meals that could be prepared quickly after a long day at work. At at the Old Town North Farmer's Market, we are excited to offer meals for the whole family that use organic, and locally sourced ingredients.

Pretentious Gourmet

The Pretentious Gourmet is a bakery located in the City of Alexandria specializing in fresh baked cookies. Our vision is to elevate the cookie from a simple treat into an art form. Our focus on quality ingredients and diverse flavours make our cookies a delight for the gourmand in all of us.
Website: www.thepretentiousgourmet.com

Big D's Savories bio coming soon


River's Edge Yoga
MRE Properties
Old Town North Community Partnership
City of Alexandria
Sport and Health
Yogis for Positive Change
a la Lucia

Sponsored by the Old Town North Community Partnership with support from the City of Alexandria, MRE Properties, River’s Edge Yoga, Sport and Health, Yogis for Positive Change and The Alexandria Economic Development Partnership.