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We are pleased to inform you that we will soon be starting construction in the next several weeks on the Giant / ABC site. Last Friday, you may have seen us put up a construction fence to secure the site and some preliminary work will begin over the next several days to prepare the existing structures for demolition. We anticipate demolition to start approximately February 27th. Excavation, sheeting/shoring, including pile driving, is expected to begin approximately March 23rd. In between those dates, there may some limited site work in preparation for those larger activities (note: dates listed are subject to change, but should be a close approximation to the start of those specific activities).

Within the next week, we will send via certified mail to those residents and commercial buildings directly across the street from our site additional information on a preconstruction survey to document the buildings and residences prior to any pile driving activities beginning. While we do not anticipate any damage from occurring during these construction activities, the preconstruction survey will serve as a baseline report for all parties to reference.

We remain committed to a close relationship with our residents, neighbors, and the surrounding community. If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact me or my colleague listed below. During construction, John will be your main point of contact:
John Bedenbaugh | (703) 918-2538 |

About Old Town North Community Partnership

The Old Town North Community Partnership is an organization comprised of residents, small, local businesses and employees working to create a vital, vibrant community within Old Town North. We provide information to the community about events affecting the neighborhood through our website, e-newsletter and social media. In past years we have worked with the City of Alexandria on improvements to Montgomery Park and sponsored the Taste of Old Town North and Paws in the Park.

Our vision of Old Town North is of an attractive, mixed use neighborhood with Montgomery Park as a community hub, where residents can walk to a variety of local businesses, picnic in the Gazebo, play with their children in the playground and their dogs in the dog park. We support open space that serves the community, pedestrian access and well managed traffic and parking. We work to provide recreational and cultural activities for the community both in Old Town North and the metropolitan area.

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